Vinod – Director

Vinod began his career with an advertising agency in Cochin (India) 1994, basically involved in client servicing and soon he headed the department. Though it did provide him the valuable lessons in advertising and help build contacts he found it reaching a point of saturation. In 2000, he dared to venture into filmmaking on his own. His first work, a commercial for a marble and granite company was a different one in that category.

The dictionary commercial is one of Vinod’s favorites. With a brilliantly shot visual of a rooster chasing a petrified hen, the filmmaker states that this, in the English language is referred to as `molest.’ Browse through D.C. Books dictionary if you want to know the Malayalam equivalent for this word. The subtle commercial series went on to win the Radio Advertising Practitioners Award 2004 in the vernacular region section. In 2005, Vinod’s `classified series’ won the Big Bang Award, instituted by the Bangalore Ad Club, for the best multi-media rural campaign.

Vinod has directed numerous commercials, and has worked with a wide variety of clients. He gets great performances out of his actors. He is a wonderful storyteller and has found recognition for his exact use of music in commercials. He brings a distinct style and freshness to the scripts he directs.