Scott Hines – Director

Scott Hines, an Australian, has been directing commercials for over 20 years throughout the world, spending most of the last 10 directing for numerous agencies and clients throughout South East Asia. He has lived in America, England, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia and now currently resides in Sydney and as a result of living in many countries he has a sensitive understanding of the diverse cultures, humor and nuances, which reflects, in his work.

It is hard to pigeonhole Scott, as he is comfortable shooting with a small crew in the highlands of Papua working with non-actors creating breath taking visuals, as he is working with babies, high profile actors or commercials that are strong in visual effects or action. His relaxed yet detailed approach to his work creates a comfortable atmosphere among agencies, clients and crews alike.

A graduate from Brooks Institute, School of Photographic Art, Science and Business, California with honors Scott always welcomes new challenges that face him with dynamic, innovative and exciting scripts.