Roshan – Director

Roshan is a self-taught, self-made director and became one the old-fashioned way, by learning the ropes extensively. A large part of his learning happened at Footcandles and
MAD Films. He has worked on over 300 films and have handled all aspects of filmmaking many times over – pre and post production, editing, graphics and sound.

Roshan has been fortunate to assist reputed directors such as Manav Menon, Rajesh Krishnan, Francoise Merlot, Nikhil Advani, Marco Kalantari, Larrus Johnson, Saevar Gudmudson and Priyadarshan to name a few.

He has handled projects for clients like Bajaj, Yamaha, Pepsi, Toyota, Britannia, kingfisher and obviously Unilever. He moved out of MAD Films and started directing films independently for brands like Johnson & Johnson, Standard Chartered, Bajaj, Colgate, Pepsi, Dove etc.

Roshan says “ I don’t like the trend of slotting directors. Film making is basically story-telling, be it humor, action-oriented or emotional.”