About us

WORKBOX Films is a complete film production company based in Mumbai, with a client base that spans Asia, Europe and the USA. Founded in 2008, in seven years from inception we have produced commercial films, corporate films, television shows, documentaries and web videos for Ad agencies, Corporates and TV Channels.

We also had an opportunity to provide our services to various international agencies, including Cap Gun Collective (UK), Les Espoirs (UK), RAPP (UK), Vismedia (UK), Expose Productions (UK), ANIMALS IN PHOTOS (Hong Kong), WORLD GOLD COUNCIL (UK), BIMCO (Denmark), Spell Bound Pictures (UK), Odd Man Out (UK), Insead (Singapore), Anthem Multimedia (US), Co-mana Communications (Begium), M Masucci (Sweden) and Web Promo (Romania).

For more details about the services we offer please check the Services section.